Omilia is the world’s leading expert in speech and natural language understanding with 17 deepASR® languages, 27 full deployments in 15 countries, offering both on-premise and Cloud hosted solutions for end-to-end conversational AI-powered Virtual assistants and bots that work at a better-than-human level.

At Omilia we have developed our own -100% proprietary- stack of conversational AI technologies, including a deepASR®, deepVB®, OmIVR® and DiaManT® dialogue manager. In 2018 we managed to equal the World Record in Speech Recognition Accuracy, but with real users, in real time and at a real customer production environment! There are continuously improving metrics (from actual case studies) on Omilia’s deployed solutions: 96% Semantic accuracy, 90% Task Completion, 4.26% Word Error rate – less than 1% negative feedback. With an expanded network of more than 25 partners, we have successfully created enterprise-grade, easy-to-use and out-of-the-box working resources for fast development and deployment for all verticals (e.g. Banking, Insurance, Telco, etc.). The Omilia Conversational AI Self-Service solution is now serving millions around the world. ​