DeepSea Technologies offers vessel performance monitoring powered by Machine Learning. We work with ship owners who take pride in their fleet and want the best tools available to ensure the efficient round-the-clock management and safety of their vessels and crew. We create deep neural networks to model various aspects of a vessel’ s behaviour, and use our predictions to detect deviations from reality, or to simulate the effect of a different reality. For instance, we can project the effect on fuel consumption of fresh paint on a corroded hull. We ensure the integrity of the data, by installing our own proprietary hardware on vessels, which then leads to a cloud-based platform, where the user can easily visualise the assessment of our algorithms.

The Digital Transformation of the Shipping industry is now a reality and we are at the forefront of this change. Our excellent research team comprising of graduates from Oxford, Cambridge and NTUA, is at the forefront of AI research on a global level. Our competitive advantage lies in our culture, and we make sure that we promote personal development, team vibrancy and great ideas.